About Novatec LTD

Novatec Ltd. was established in March 1985 by Abraham Greenberg and Shalom Peled, engineers with wide experience in the management, development and production of advanced equipment and systems.

The company’s expertise is concentrated in the following technological and engineering fields:

  • Development and integration of multi-discipline systems involving mechanics, electronics, optics and software.
  • Precision mechanics and opto-mechanics.
  • Optical alignment and calibration.
  • Electro-mechanical instrumentation.
  • Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic system controls.
  • Analog and digital servo-electronics.

Novatec offers the following services:

  • Prototype design, development and production of military and civilian instruments and system.
  • Serial production of instruments and systems.
  • Engineering consultancy.
  • Specification and preliminary design of instruments and systems.
  • Assistance in transfer of products from the development stage to production.

Novatec is structured to permit a quick response to customer requirements.  Flexible and varied contract arrangements are possible.


During its years of operation Novatec has developed a wide network of reliable sub-contractors and services, which enable a fast response while keeping the number of in-house staff small and efficient.